Breakfast Isn't Going Anywhere
Over the next 8 weeks, Heinz and our partner Magic Breakfast are committed to providing 12 million free breakfasts for the many schoolchildren who still need them the most.
 Breakfast Isn't Going Anywhere

With the closure of the nation’s schools, at Heinz we’re still committed to providing 12 million free breakfasts to the children who need them most.

That’s one meal a day, 5 days a week during the next 8 weeks.

Working with our partner Magic Breakfast, we’re aiming to provide these meals for the children who would usually benefit from their breakfast club programmes.

Georgiana de Noronha, President of Kraft Heinz Northern Europe, said:

“Through our partners Magic Breakfast, Heinz has committed to making 12 million breakfasts available to disadvantaged children in this challenging time. 

“Our commitment means that children that usually benefit from Magic Breakfast provision at school will have access to a nutritious Heinz Beanz breakfast, five days a week for at least eight weeks from this Monday."

“The duration of our commitment will be reviewed if the school closures last longer, and together with Magic Breakfast, we are also committed to finding other organisations that can help us reach even more children, parents, carers and teachers during this difficult time."

"We are encouraging other organisations and companies to come forward with any support possible to ensure no child goes hungry due to these unfortunate school closures.”

Alex Cunningham, CEO of Magic Breakfast:

“Following the closure of schools today (Friday 20th March), Magic Breakfast remains committed to providing breakfasts for children no matter what. Heinz has kindly pledged to provide 12 million free breakfasts to the children that need them the most, ensuring that no child is left too hungry to learn, whether they are in school or not. We are working closely with our partner schools to establish the best way to reach hungry children throughout this period of uncertainty. Thank you to Heinz for continuing to work with us during this period of school closures and providing children with the nutrition they need.”

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