Heinz Beanz Celebrates Veganuary
Heinz Beanz is throwing its support behind everyone tackling Veganuary this month, including launching a limited edition ‘Beanz Meanz Vegan’ can as a reminder that your cupboard favourite is proudly vegan!
 Heinz Beanz Celebrates Veganuary

Heinz Beanz is celebrating Veganuary with the launch of a ‘Beanz Meanz Vegan’ campaign – a modern twist on our iconic slogan ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’. With a variety of encouraging and celebratory social ads running throughout the month, we want to support the huge number of Brits undertaking Veganuary 2020 with a helpful reminder that the much-loved food classic just happens to be vegan too.

Veganuary, which first launched in 2014, invites people to adopt a vegan diet for January and has been growing in popularity in recent years. So, this year, we commissioned research to understand the biggest barriers and challenges of Veganuary, in a bid to lend a helping hand to Brits who have committed to going vegan this month. 

The research has revealed that falling off the vegan wagon is very normal, with four in five (80%) aspiring vegans admitting it’s happened to them in previous years, leading to feelings of disappointment (28%) and guilt (23%).

When asked what triggered the fall from the vegan diet, one in five (19%) admit it was the smell of something meaty like a bacon sandwich and roast dinner, while 15% blamed a hangover and another 15% said they simply ate something non vegan by mistake. 

The good news is that of everyone who fell off the vegan wagon, three in four (75%) were able to climb right back on again and pick up where they left off, with only 10% saying they abandoned the diet completely after their vegan wobble.

Three in five respondents (60%) said they were surprised at how many foods they were still able to eat while on a vegan diet, and while 72% stated that Heinz Beanz were part of their vegan diet, 10% didn’t know Heinz Beanz were vegan.

So this year, we want vegans to remember that our classic Heinz Beanz can still be enjoyed this Veganuary, whether on a simple piece of toast or a delicious baked potato. Not forgetting all the other varieties in our vegan range - Heinz Beans, No Added Sugar Beans, 5 Beans, Organic Beans, Peri Peri Beans, Fiery Chili Beans, Barbecue Beans, Curry Beans are vegan.

As part of the campaign, we are also launching a limited-edition range of ‘Beanz Meanz Vegan’ cans, available exclusively from Ocado while stocks last.