Heinz 'Cans' Plastic Packaging
Multipacks to be plastic-free in Tesco stores nationwide from March 2020.
 Heinz 'Cans' Plastic Packaging

Heinz, one of Britain’s best-loved food brands and its biggest canned food producer, is removing all plastic shrink wrap from canned multipacks sold in Tesco stores in the UK.

The joint initiative by Heinz and Tesco will save 175 tonnes of plastic a year. From March 2, 2020, Heinz Beanz, Heinz Soup, Heinz Pasta and other varieties will instead be sold as single cans.

Tesco customers will be able to buy three, four or six single cans of the same product at a multibuy offer price. This means you can choose plastic-free without missing out on the great Heinz multipack value.

Heinz hopes to blaze a trail with this initiative and scale it out across other retailer partners. If this move was replicated across the market, it could help reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 3.3k tonnes.

Georgiana de Noronha, President of Kraft Heinz Northern Europe, said: “We’re excited to be partnering with Tesco on this. While we know we have more to do, this initiative is good news for the environment, and for the millions of people who enjoy Heinz varieties every day, as they’ll still be able to benefit from the same great value for money our multipacks provide.”

Heinz lightweight, 100% recyclable steel cans are already one of the most sustainable and widely recycled packaging options on the market. And the brand is continuously working to make them even more sustainable: innovations in the way cans are designed has made them a lot lighter over the years.

Plus, as part of their broader sustainability programme, the Heinz Tomato Ketchup squeezy bottle is to become fully ‘circular’ by 2022. It will be made using recycled material that can be made back into food-grade packaging.

The initiative launches in Tesco stores on March 2. In the meantime, customers can recycle plastic shrink wrap from multipacks at larger Tesco stores, alongside carrier bags.

Heinz looks forward to working with all its retail partners to find innovative new ways to have a more positive impact on the environment. And of course, they’ll continue to offer the same great tasting varieties at great value to all Heinz fans.


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