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HP Sausage Casserole Recipe

Sausage Casserole with HP Sauce

With creamy mash and green vegetables!


675g potatoes

8 good quality sausages

1 onion, finely sliced

1 clove of garlic, crushed

300ml of chicken stock

30ml of olive oil

30ml/ 2 tablespoons of HP Sauce

1 small red pepper, deseeded and cored

1 small green pepper, deseeded and cored

  • Serves: 4


  1. Get your oven pre-heating to 180°C (350°F, gas mark 4).  Slice the sausages and layer them with the onions at the base of an oven proof casserole
  2. Dice the peppers and sprinkle them over the top. Peel and thinly slice the potatoes, and spread them in a layer over the sausages
  3. Mix the garlic with the stock, HP sauce, olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Pour this mixture over the potatoes
  4. Cover the dish and bake for one hour. Remove the cover and bake for a further 15 mins or until the potatoes are brown
  5. With these measures you'll be able to feed four hungry people but if you do have those 23 mates in your living room to look after you'll need to times all the ingredients by 5.75!

This is easier to make than it sounds and is just fantastic. Sausage casserole is low cost, high taste and you can make it feed a thousand. Bag the best sausages you can lay your mitts on and let it cook while you're out.  Perfect after a long, crisp winter's walk, or if you wake up with 23 hungry mates in your living room this Sunday