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A Very British Dinner: Lamb Steak with Asparagus and Blackberry Sauce by The Blond Pond


Asparagus 125 gr

A generous squeeze of Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise

1 lamb steak, approx 150gr

Blackberries 200gr, not very sweet ones (it’s better if they have a little bit of sting to them), I used about 6 and ate the rest, mostly while cooking

Also 1 small shallot, finely minced; 1tbs of oil to cook the meat if you need to (I used EV Olive Oil); salt (I used fine Pink Himalayan Salt)

  • Serves: 1


1. Put some water to the boil to steam the asparagus. Leave to steam for 8-10 minutes, just the time to cook them without making them soft, so they give the crunch to the whole bite.

2. Finely mince your shallot and split the amount in half. Put one half in a small bowl and squeeze as much Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise as it needs to cover the layer of shallot. Give it a good stir. Leave it aside.

3. Warm you pan. Add the other half of the shallot to give it some taste, and cook the meat (approx 8 minutes for fully cooked).

4. Eat some blackberries, crush approx 6 of the remaining depending on size and add them to the mayo. Give it a good stir until the mayo gets pink.

5. Move everything that is cooked to the serving plate, or in my case to the serving spoon, and enjoy!