Heinz Mayonnaise

The best ketchup, the best salad cream and now our best mayonnaise. We have applied all our expertise to develop our best ever mayonnaise to go with everyday foods like sandwiches, salads, jacket potatoes or chips.

We only use free range eggs in our magnificent and creamy tasting mayonnaise and we don't use a single artificial colour, flavour or preservative.

We hope you like it just as much as we do - on everything from salads to spuds.

To liven up your sandwich - try our Heinz Flavoured Mayonnaise!

Sizes Available: 

Glass Jar: 430g 
Handy Pack: 270g
Top Down Squeezy: 420g and 550g

Heinz policy of continuous product improvement may result in a change to the label. You are advised to always check the label for changes to the allergen status, ingredients and nutrition of our products.